When you look for a way to make it fun, original, and most importantly gender neutral look no further than tribal. We have been hard at work lately trying to find the absolute best options when it comes to tribal invitations that are true to our motto, "it doesn't have to be gendered, to be fabulous." And we think we have succeeded. This collection contains a number of designs that are ideal for the little boy or girl who will soon be making their debut to the tribe.

navy and organe design faux gold tribal invite

And there was a happy occurrence that took place when we began putting the collection together. We realized that there were plenty of amazing options that, while not directly tribal, also offered a nice unisex option for some baby showers. That is why we have released a second set, entitled, simply Teepee. We think that you will love these cute little options as much as we do.

cute boho teepee unisex teepee

No matter if you are looking for a fun and whimsical design for the baby shower, or you one that captures something more tangible you will love what these invitations have to offer.


Well, you're in for a real hoot when you order one of these amazing owl themed invitations.

Owls are the perfect addition to our gender neutral line of invites that have been helping hostesses overcome a seemingly low hurdle, finding invites that suite the theme, but avoid the trappings of a gendered design. Which is one of main reasons we chose to include these wonderful birds in our assortment. For one, owls are one of the few animals on earth that really convey a neutral tone. Beloved by boys and girls alike they aren't limited by a single sided appeal like many other creatures from the animal kingdom. Often seen as wise and noble in literature and lore, the owl is a watchful parent that takes care of its offspring unlike few others. Even as children we are introduced to them in the form of cartoon characters, nursery rhymes, and stuffed animals.

Yellow and gray Woodland owl

For all of these reasons we wanted to put together a collection that was a cut above the rest.

And we think we succeeded. Take a look at what we have to offer, like all of our other designs, these beautiful examples are fully customizable. Now compare what we have to offer to what some of the other shops have to offer. There more than enough of designs to choose from, but many of them feature a cute little owl, most if not all of them are either designed for a little girl or boy. We have avoided that, and offer an excellent assortment of designs - designs that are guaranteed to offer the right style you're looking for.

When you start organizing a gender neutral shower you might feel like things are more complicated than they need to be. But, the truth is, when you choose to make it a celebration of life, the color scheme really isn't that important. And this can be, for many, a chance to break out of the old styles and make something unique. Something that suites the situation, rather than taking a predefined style and trying to adapt it to your needs.

Whimsical vintage owls

We have heard from many in the past, that the best thing they did during planning was to eliminate any of the preconceived notions that they had about the shower and plan it from the heart. By planning it from the heart, rather than using Instagram and Pinterest as a template, you can look for opportunities that you may not have been aware of, or not been able to successfully fit into your plans.

Cute woodland creatures

An owl baby shower isn't a theme that you generally see when you look through the different photos on Facebook and co. And there is one simple reason. Owls alone are not a theme. You need more. You need to bring in your own ideas, and your own creativity. This gives you a chance to make the day one that everyone will think back to fondly. It will give you chance to do something different. Something that you will enjoy as much as the guest of honor.

Because of all of this we're more than thrilled to be able to offer you a one of a kind experience. One that is guaranteed to be a real hoot of a good time.

XOXO – Wren